About your Builder

Starting at 17, Frank made a choice to continue in his family’s long tradition of construction— a history of builders who stem far back from the city of Alta Mura, Italy.  This ancient city name, and its history of outstanding construction craftsmanship, would later become the inspiration for what is now Alta Developments.

Starting as a general labourer, Frank always had an ambition to be a builder. He refined his craft and ventured into masonry and concrete, eventually opening his own masonry company.  It was a successful business with 16 labourers, but Frank’s attention to detail and desire for a greater challenge led him to open his first construction company

In 2003, Frank started Tailorwood Homes, a highly reputable construction company servicing the Durham Region area. His craftsmanship, innovation and commitment to quality earned his company an Urban Design Award and other merits from the city.

After a long line of successful endeavors, and with a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt, Frank established Alta Developments along with his partner Dan Raponi to create a premier construction company that proudly services the Durham Region and beyond.

Based out of Whitby, but servicing the Greater Toronto Area at large, Alta Developments is your one stop, start-to-finish, elite custom building solution.